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Fat Trimmer Tea

Fat Trimmer Tea

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  • It stimulates fat burning process and Improves Physical Performance.
  • It contains anti-bacterial compounds that stimulate immunity and improve health.
  • It Lower Your Risk of Type II Diabetes.
  • It Can Help You Lose Weight and Lower Your Risk of Obesity.


Water (1 Cup), Green Tea (Half tsp), Green Cardamom
(1 Pod chopped),Lemon (4-5 Drops), Fresh Mint (As per Choice)

How to Make: 

Add cardamom and mint in water and boil few minutes. Add Fat Trimming Tea
in boiled water and steamed it for 2 minutes (by covering it without flame).
Now Tea is ready, Strain it before use. Take the Tea half hour before meal Or
1 hour after the meal. It is preferable to use tea without sugar.
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